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Are you planning a private event in the Kansas City area? Do you plan on serving alcohol at your event? You may be asking – do I need a liquor license for a private event in Kansas City, MO? Saxton Law Firm is here to help answer your questions about liquor licensing in the area and we can point you in the right direction to help you avoid any legal issues.

Private events that do not plan to sell alcohol do not need a liquor license. If you plan to sell alcohol at your event or you operate a catering company that works at private events where alcohol is sold – you will need a liquor license and permit to sell alcohol. The type of license and permit that you need will vary based on the location of the event and the nature of your business.

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When you host a private event that serves alcohol, a lot depends on the location of your event. Events that are held at a restaurant, tavern or bar that has its own liquor license will not need any additional permits to sell alcohol – which leaves you with a pair of options if that is not where your event is located.

  1. Contact a caterer that possesses a Sales-by-Drink liquor license in Kansas City, MO. Businesses that have a Sales-by-Drink license and permit can get a catering license to sell alcohol at your private event.
  2. Apply for a Non-Profit Special Event liquor license that will allow your organization to obtain a license to sell beer and wine at your private event. 

What Type of Liquor License Do I Need to Sell Alcohol at a Private Event?

When you sell alcohol at a private event, you or your caterer MUST have a current and valid Kansas City, MO liquor license. To ensure that alcohol sales at your event are legal, you must have two permits – a permit from Kansas City and a permit from the State of Missouri. Here is a better look at the types of permits you may need to acquire to be able to sell alcohol at your event. Businesses, organizations and individuals who are not sure what type of liquor license they need can contact Saxton Law Firm for additional information on liquor licensing.

Non-Profit Special Events Permit

This permit is obtained via the Kansas City, MO Regulated Industries Division and is intended for events hosted by 501C3 charitable organizations with a tax exempt status where the organization plans to sell and serve alcohol.

Catering Permit

Are you a catering company that hopes to sell alcohol at public and private events? A Catering Permit from the Kansas City, MO Department of Regulated Industries is a license that you will need to be able to legally sell alcohol and liquor at temporary events in the Kansas City area.

Picnic Permit

A permit provided by the State of Missouri – the Picnic Permit is intended for temporary events where alcohol is expected to be sold and consumed and the business or organization that is serving the alcohol does not hold a liquor license from the state.

Temporary Caterer’s Permit

This license is provided by the State of Missouri and is intended for temporary events where alcohol is sold and served and the company or business holds a state liquor license. This permit may be the solution for a bar/restaurant that does not usually sell alcohol and cater events.

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Do you have a private event planned where you want to serve alcohol? You may be asking – do you need a liquor license for a private event in Kansas City, MO? We can help answer any questions you may have about Kansas City liquor licenses and if you are struggling to obtain a license or face a legal case due to a liquor license issue Saxton Law Firm is here to help. Contact Saxton Law Firm today for more information on Kansas City liquor licenses!