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Are you applying for a liquor license in the Kansas City area? You may want to ask – what are the different types of liquor licenses in Kansas City? Saxton Law Firm is here to help business owners get the liquor license they need in Kansas City, MO and we can help answer your questions.

What Type of Liquor License Do You Need?

When you embark on your business adventure and you plan to serve alcohol – it is important that you get the correct type of liquor license to fit your business model. The type of liquor license you need depends on how you plan to sell alcohol and your license will fit into one of four standard categories – Sales-by-Drink, Wholesaler, Sales-by-Package and Manufacturer. Liquor licenses available to Kansas City businesses are regulated by the Chapter 311 of Missouri Statutes and Chapter 10 of the City of Kansas City Code of Ordinances.

Here is a closer look at different types of specific liquor licenses and their fees that you may need for your business.

Sales-By-Drink and Catering Liquor Licenses

Type of LicenseKansas City Liquor Fee
Full Drink$450.00
Sales-by-Drink Specialty$450.00
Extended Hours Permit$450.00
Extended Hours Daily Permit$75.00
Sunday Drink$300.00
Malt Beverage & Light Wine Sales by Drink$75.00
C.O.L. License$90.00
Daily Catering$15.00/Day
Annual Caterer$1,500.00
Non-Profit Temporary Event Permit$15.00 Up to 7 Days

Package, Wholesaler and Manufacturer Liquor Licenses

Type of LicenseKansas City Liquor Fee
Full Package$150.00
Malt Beverage Package$75.00
Sunday Package$300.00
Tasting License$37.50
Full Wholesaler License$750.00
22% or Less Wholesaler License$300.00
Malt Beverage Wholesaler License$150.00
Full Manufacturer License$675.00
22% or Less Manufacturer License$300.00
Malt Beverage Manufacturer License$375.00
Wine/Brandy Manufacturer License$450.00
Out-of-State Manufacturer Permit$37.50
Microbrewery LicenseUp to $375.00
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We know that is a lot – and we know that it can be difficult to determine what type of liquor license you need. That is where Saxton Law Firm can help. We understand how to apply for a liquor license and we can help you determine what type of license you need for your business to succeed and help you navigate the application process.  

How Long Do Liquor Licenses Last?

We know you have questions about your liquor license and a FAQ that we hear a lot is – how long does my liquor license last? Do you need to re-apply for a liquor license? A standard liquor license in Kansas City is valid for two years. A supplier permit is valid from the date it is approved until the following June 30 and additional permits that are not temporary are valid for one year. 

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What are the different types of liquor licenses available in Kansas City? We can help answer any questions you may have about liquor licenses and the legal applications at Saxton Law Firm. Contact Saxton Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help you and your small business!