Small Business & Contract Laws in Kansas City

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The challenges facing small business owners are profound and arise daily. Our team is here to help. At Saxton Law Firm, we can provide guidance from the perspective of a small business owner. Our principal attorney, Don Saxton, has been a small business owner for many years. Accordingly, he has personally experienced the unique challenges faced by small business owners.

If you suspect you are going to be sued or feel discomfort about a legal issue affecting your business, do not wait to contact an attorney. You can avoid unnecessary headaches and enormous costs by being proactive in seeking legal help. To learn more about how we can help you, peruse our site or call today.

Legal Advice For Small Businesses

Running a small business comes with a host of challenges related to paperwork, finances, and the law. While you may likely be able to handle the smaller, day-to-day legal aspects of the business on your own, there are times when turning to a small business attorney can make the difference between preserving your business and going under. Some of the larger legal issues that may require small business legal advice include:

  • Legal Disputes with a Larger Company: Any small business will eventually find itself in a spot where it will need to pursue a case against a larger, well-funded company or competitor. Our firm understands how vulnerable this can make a small business feel and we can help.
  • Insurance Disputes: If your business has an insurance claim that is being denied or underpaid, you need experienced insurance counsel to make your case and get the benefit of the premiums that you paid.
  • Company Sales or Acquisitions: If you’re interested in selling your company or acquiring another business, you’ll likely want to bring on legal counsel to assist in the process. Negotiating company sales and acquisitions is a difficult process that requires experienced negotiation skills. Our team will work to understand your priorities before entering the negotiation, striving to get you the best deal that adheres to your values.
  • Government Investigations into Legal Compliance: If local, state, or the federal government is investigating your business for violation of laws, you should get an attorney as soon as possible to assist in the process and protect your company from any unnecessary fines or penalties.

Our team of small business attorneys at Saxton Law Firm can help with all of the above and more. Whether you’re facing a complaint from the federal government or simply want help drawing up agreements for independent contractors, we are here to help.

About Our Small Business Legal Attorneys

At Saxton Law Firm in Kansas City, MO, we’ve been protecting individuals and small businesses for nearly 15 years. We know the legal world is often dominated by powerful insurance companies and big businesses, making it difficult to get the results you need. With our skilled attorneys on your side, you’ll be able to assert and protect your rights. We specialize in small business legal counsel, personal injuryliquor licensing, and insurance claims denial. Whether you’re dealing with a lawsuit, navigating a tricky insurance dispute, or simply need legal advice on an issue impacting your small business, our Kansas City, MO team is here to help.

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