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Did you know that small and independent breweries produce 24.3 million barrels of beer each year? Craft beer as an industry continues to grow with 9,552 craft breweries, brewpubs, taproom breweries and regional breweries in the United States in 2022 – an all-time high for the industry. Brewers in the Kansas City area want to know – do breweries need a liquor license in Kansas City, MO – and we can help answer your legal liquor license questions at Saxton Law Firm.

What Liquor or Alcohol Licenses Does a Brewery Need in Kansas City MO?

Aspiring brewmasters who hope to open their own brewery, brewpub, gastropub or taproom need to know what type of liquor license or alcohol license is needed in the Kansas City area. The type of license you need will depend on your business plan. Do you plan to serve liquor AND beer at your brewery? Are you just serving beer at your brewpub? Do you plan to distribute? Do you want to be able to distribute and have taproom tastings?

All of these questions and more are relevant when you decide to start a microbrewery or brewpub in Kansas City and we can help you with any legal questions you may have at Saxton Law Firm. Primary licenses that you may need to consider include a Liquor-by-the-Drink License, a Liquor-by-the-Package License or a Liquor Manufacturer, Wholesaler or Microbrewery License. The type of license you need and fees that need to be paid depend on how you decide to conduct your business.

Here is a list of licenses and fees that may apply to your brewery, microbrewery, taproom or brewpub.

  • Full Drink License – $450 Fee
  • Malt Beverage and Light Wine Sales by Drink License – $75
  • Full Package License – $150
  • Malt Beverage Package – $75
  • Tasting License – $37.50
  • Full Wholesaler License – $750
  • 22% or Less Wholesaler License – $300
  • Malt Beverage Wholesaler License – $150
  • Full Manufacturer License – $675
  • 22% or Less Manufacturer License – $300
  • Microbrewery License – Up to $250
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What Is a Microbrewery License in Kansas City MO?

A Kansas City Microbrewery License is for BEER only. Microbreweries are defined as a business where the primary activity is the brewing and selling of beer with annual production levels of 10,000 barrels or less. The holder of a Microbrewery License is allowed to sell beer and malt liquor that is manufactured at the brewery to licensed wholesalers. Fees for a Microbrewery License are based on the amount of barrels produced at a rate of $5 per 100 barrels. The holder of a Microbrewery License cannot have financial interest in a wholesale business.

How Can an Attorney Help Your Brewery Get an Alcohol License?

Are you an aspiring brewer? Do you have questions about licenses for liquor and alcohol in the Kansas City area? Saxton Law Firm has the experience you need on your side and we can help answer any questions you may have about liquor licensing. There are a wide range of primary and secondary licenses – like those listed above – that you may need to ensure your brewery, microbrewery, brewpub or taproom is on the right side of legal and it can be complicated. There are a lot of state and federal laws that you need to adhere to and we can ensure that your business checks all of the legal boxes at Saxton Law Firm.

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Are you a homebrewer in Kansas City with dreams of starting your own brewery? You may ask – do breweries need a liquor license in Kansas City, MO? We have the legal answers that you need right here at Saxton Law Firm. Contact us today for more information on liquor licensing, small business law and life insurance!