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Are you a small business owner in the Kansas City area? Maybe you are interested in starting your own business? We are sure you have questions – and we can help at Saxton Law Firm. A common question that many small business owners ask is – do I need a small business attorney in Kansas City, MO? Here is how Saxton Law Firm can help!

How Can a Small Business Lawyer Help with Your Business?

Whether you are starting a small business or just need legal advice, a small business lawyer can help with many different aspects of your business. The Saxton Law Firm has the legal experience that you need on your side in any case. Here is a better look at areas where a small business attorney may be able to help in the Kansas City area.

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  • Business Formation – A strong foundation is key to any business and when it comes to licenses, permits and structure, a small business lawyer can help you get your business off the ground.
  • Corporate Governance – Do you have a larger business? Do you have shareholders, a board or partner meetings? A small business attorney can help you organize and document these elements.
  • Intellectual Property – Does your business have intellectual property? Blueprints, logos, brand names and more copyrighted assets? An attorney can help protect your intellectual property.
  • Privacy Policies – Does your business involve patients and clients with privileged information? A small business attorney can help you create a legal privacy policy to protect your clients and their information.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – Business lawyers can help you draft a non-disclosure agreement for your business that can help you protect and expand that business.
  • Employment Agreements – You may need help hiring for your small business and a small business attorney can help you create and draft employment agreements and contracts.
  • Benefit Programs – Benefit programs and packages for employees can be complicated to install and a small business lawyer can be a great resource when you start your business.
  • Client Agreements – When businesses add more clients and make agreements with other small businesses, contracts can be an issue and an experienced small business attorney at Saxton Law Firm can help.
  • Fee Collections – Do you have clients with outstanding bills? This can be a major issue for small businesses and an attorney can help you with past-due accounts in small claims court.
  • Defamation Lawsuits – Bad reviews can have a significant impact on small businesses – more than larger businesses – and when bad reviews become defamatory, a small business attorney can help restore your reputation.
  • Business Closures – Just like a small business attorney can help establish a business – legal advice can help when you decide to close your business and can help you create a plan.

When Do You Need a Small Business Attorney?

Not sure when to call a small business attorney for help? Saxton Law Firm can help point you in the right direction with a FREE legal consultation. A small business attorney can help with a lot of aspects – but there are key moments in the formation, development and dissolution of your business when it may be vital to enlist the help of legal counsel.

  • When an employee – past or present – files a lawsuit on the grounds of discrimination.
  • When government officials are investigating your business for legal violations.
  • When there is an environmental or zoning issue with your small business.
  • When you are negotiating the sale of your business or acquiring another company.
  • When you want to create a special allocation for profits and losses.

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If you are starting a small business, you may be asking yourself – do I need a small business attorney in Kansas City, MO? We can help answer all of your questions at Saxton Law Firm. Contact the Saxton Law Firm Team today for a FREE consultation!