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Insurance is intended to provide protection for you, your family, your home or your business – but there are times when insurance companies can be the villain in the story. Insurance claims get denied for a variety of reasons and insurance companies can act in bad faith – which may require legal action. When that happens, a licensed attorney, like Saxton Law Firm in Kansas City, MO, can help. If you have asked – can you file a lawsuit against an insurance company – Saxton Law Firm is here to help.

Can You Sue an Insurance Company for Negligence?

The letter of the law allows you to file a lawsuit against an insurance company when they violate or fail to meet the terms of your policy – but keep in mind a denied insurance claim does not always mean they violated your policy terms. There are many legal reasons why your insurance claim can be denied by your provider. Insurance company negligence is an additional element that gives you the option to sue your insurance company and Saxton Law Firm can help. You may also be able to sue your insurance provider for acting in bad faith – delaying payments, failing to respond, providing an inadequate investigation and more.

When you feel that your insurance company has acted in bad faith or not upheld their obligations – you may want to seek legal help. Saxton Law Firm has experience with life insurance claims, homeowners insurance claims and business loss insurance claims – and our legal team can help you determine if your insurance provider has violated the terms of your policy or acted negligently in your case. We can help you determine if a lawsuit against your insurance provider is the right direction to go.

What Is Insurance Negligence?

Insurance negligence is defined as – a failure to take reasonable action to prevent damage or harm to a person or property – and can be applied to many types of insurance. Gross negligence indicates a more serious form of negligence on the part of your insurance company. Negligence on the part of your insurance provider can take many forms and may include any of the examples listed below.

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  • The failure to provide the coverage outlined in your insurance policy or to inform you of additional policy options.
  • The failure of your provider to explain your insurance coverage in detail or the provider lied about your insurance policy and coverage. 
  • The failure of your provider to uphold their policy obligations – communicating with you about your policy or not doing a proper investigation of the claim.
  • The failure of your provider to notify you that they have become insolvent and cannot pay claims.
  • The failure of your provider to alert you that your policy is about to expire.

Another example of insurance negligence may be an insurance provider that approves repairs in the event of a claim and the repairs prove to be substandard. A recent lawsuit in St. Louis pitted the owner of Italian Restaurant Charlie Gitto’s against Secura Insurance, where it was alleged that the provider approved repairs that were faulty and led to the collapse of the roof under heavy rainfall. Restaurant owner Charlie Gitto Jr. was awarded $8.3 million in the lawsuit.

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Do you have questions about your insurance and your legal options? Saxton Law Firm may be able to help answer questions like – can you file a lawsuit against your insurance company? We can help answer your questions and provide legal advice and consultation along the way. Contact Saxton Law Firm today for more information!