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Business owners in the Kansas City area are often faced with legal challenges that they need to address – which means a small business attorney, like Saxton Law Firm – may be the right call for you and your business. Small business law is complicated and shrouded in mystery for most people, and we know that you have questions as an entrepreneur and a business owner. When we meet potential clients for the first time at Saxton Law Firm, a common question we are asked is – what does a small business attorney do? Here is the answer to your question!

What Can an Attorney Do for Your Business in Kansas City MO?

Are you a business owner and entrepreneur in Kansas City, MO? Saxton Law Firm is a small firm in the Heart of America that specializes in small business litigation, life insurance, homeowners insurance and business insurance practice areas. We know that many of you have questions about what a small business attorney can do for you and we want to answer your questions.

Here is a better look at how a small business attorney – like Saxton Law Firm – can help your business face legal issues in Kansas City, MO.

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  • Help You Start a Business – A small business attorney can help you start and dissolve your business as you need. Not sure what business entity you should choose? A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)? A sole proprietorship? A small business attorney can help.
  • Help You Protect Intellectual Property – Do you have content, products or ideas that need to be protected? Your intellectual property – trademarks, copyrights and patents – can be protected via the law and an attorney can help you both protect your property and get compensation when others use your intellectual property without permission.
  • Help Your Write and Enforce Contracts – Contracts are a key element of any business arrangement – whether between partners, contractors or suppliers. A well-written contract can protect your interests, your business and your assets – and an attorney can help you write and enforce a contract as needed. 
  • Help You Remain Compliant with Local Laws – Are you a business that needs specific licenses to operate? Does your business need a liquor license? A small business attorney can help you determine which licenses you need, file the correct paperwork and remain compliant with local laws. 

How Much Are Legal Fees for a Small Business Attorney? 

Do you have a better understanding of what a small business attorney can do for you and your business? We know you may still have questions and we want to help at Saxton Law Firm. Potential clients want to know – how much are legal fees for a small business attorney? Your legal fees will vary based on how much time and work is required to resolve your case and in which practice area you need legal help. Here is a better look at average hourly rates for attorneys in Missouri based on information on Contact Saxton Law Firm for more details.

  • Business Attorney – $299
  • Contracts – $296 
  • Corporate – $317
  • Employment Labor – $262
  • Insurance – $231
  • Intellectual Property – $313
  • Personal Injury – $217
  • Worker’s Compensation – $257

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What does a small business attorney do? We can help answer your questions right here at Saxton Law Firm in Kansas City, MO. Contact Saxton Law Firm today for a FREE case review and we will help you fight your legal battles!