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Are you a business owner in the Kansas City area? When you have been a business owner for a longer period of time, there is a chance that you or your business may be sued and you may ask – what should I do if my business gets sued in Kansas City, MO? We can help here at Saxton Law Firm and provide you with legal advice or work as your small business attorney.

How To Handle a Business Lawsuit

When you or your business are named in a lawsuit, it can be a stressful experience and how you handle the lawsuit at its inception may have an impact on your case in the future. We can help with a basic list of things to do when you or your business are sued. Here are the initial steps that you need to take when you receive notice of a lawsuit – and we can help here at Saxton Law Firm.

1. Confirm Your Business is Named in the Lawsuit

Details are important in the legal world. When you receive notification of a lawsuit, be sure to check that the name of your business or corporation is correct. You may also be named in the lawsuit as an individual – but the reason why must be clear.

2. Check Your Business Records

When you are notified of a business lawsuit, it is important to collect ANY and ALL data that may be relevant to the case. Documents you will want to have for your case include – business receipts, emails, contracts and anything else related to the individual or business who filed the lawsuit.

3. Contact a Small Business Attorney

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After you have determined that the lawsuit is real and you have collected relevant business records, it is time to contact a small business attorney. Saxton Law Firm in Kansas City has the legal knowledge, experience and expertise that you want on your side and on your case. We can provide you with legal advice, represent you in court and are available for a FREE consultation.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company

In some small cases – your insurance company may be equipped to handle the lawsuit. Cases that may be handled by an insurance provider include general liability claims, copyright infringement, libel, slander, professional liability claims and commercial auto insurance claims.

5. Determine How To Proceed

When you have all of your legal ducks in a row – it is time to determine how to proceed. Saxton Law Firm can provide you with legal advice to help you determine what your next steps will be – whether that be to pay the claim, deny the claim, file a countersuit or hire a small business attorney. 

6. File Your Response to the Lawsuit

Do you have your documents in order? Have you consulted with a small business attorney? Did you notify your insurance company? Have you decided what to do in your lawsuit? The last step prior to any necessary legal proceedings is to file your legal response to the lawsuit. 

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Has your business been named in a lawsuit? You may ask – what should I do if my business gets sued in Kansas City, MO? We have the answers at Saxton Law Firm. Contact Saxton Law Firm today for a FREE legal consultation!